My cat cleans itself. So why would it need professionally groomed? Cats are actually just licking themselves which leaves their coat covered in saliva on top of the grease while ingesting a lot of hair which can cause vomiting and lead to intestinal blockages. All cats should have their nails trimmed and their coats de-shedding at a minimum.

Do short haired cats need groomed? Short haired cats can shed more than long hair cats. A bath, blow dry, and de-shed will help prevent hairballs, intestinal blockages, as well as reduce the amount of hair that you’ll find all over your house. Also I’ve groomed plenty of short haired cats that became matted. Short haired cats should be brushed regularly, nails trimmed, and oil in their coats maintained from either a bath or a natural dry shampoo.

What are the health benefits of grooming? Prevents matting which causes a lot of discomfort for your kitty. Matting can also lead to sores, infections, or worse.  Prevents ingestion of large amounts of hair which causes vomiting due to hairballs and possibly medical treatment for dehydration or intestinal blockage.

My senior cat has always groomed itself but is now having trouble, why is this? As cats get older they seem to get greasier or the build up over the years without grooming becomes a problem and they tend to want to groom less so it’s especially important for them to be groomed whether by just combing or a bath when needed. Even short haired cats can get matted. Mats are a big concern for older cats because it can be risky to shave due to their thin skin and thinner body. Plus older cats need their coats to stay warm. Extreme caution must be taken when de-matting a senior cat and sometimes shouldn’t be done at all. This is why mat prevention is so important as they age.

How often should my cat be groomed? Depends on the type of coat your cat has and how often you brush it . To keep your cat coat is in optimal condition, some cats need to be groomed every 6 – 8 weeks while others can go longer. The interval is customized to what seems right for you and the grooming needs of your cat.

How long are the appointments? Usually 1-2 hours per cat. Allow more time for the first visit, if extra services are added, or if your kitty has a long and thick coat.

Should my cat be placed in a carrier before the appointment? No, but I do recommend that all bedroom doors and access to other rooms where your cat can hide out of reach are closed.

Can I help or will you need my assistance? As owner of your cat you are welcome to be involved as much as you want at your own risk. If clipper work is requested (mat removal or lion cut) it’s helpful if you are present to help hold them still, stretch a leg, or just reassure them. Being in the comfort of their own home with their owner present helps your cat feel safe and secure which is why grooming in-home is less stressful and the best option for your cat.

Where will you bathe my cat? Usually the kitchen sink is best if a hand held sprayer is there but sometimes the bath tub works better if you have a large cat. I bring a mesh strainer that catches all hair that comes off your cat so it doesn’t go down your drain.

Will my cat(s) like getting a bath? Warm water is used so it’s comforting to your cat. All cats are different and unpredictable. Most will tolerate it while others might enjoy it.

Will there be hair all over? I am very mindful about not leaving a mess behind. I contain any hair that comes off your cat by laying a cloth or plastic on the floor, drying your cat in a small area (bathrooms work well), vacuum and clean the area used before leaving.

Should I have towels available? I bring everything needed in a large bag including clean towels. This way your kitty’s groom will not leave you with laundry to wash and dry, however if you’d like to use a towel of yours you could put it in the dryer to warm up during the bath so they will have a warm towel to provide extra comfort after the bath.

Do you use sedation? Most cats can be groomed without sedation. If a sedative is necessary you will need to contact your veterinarian to inquire about a “happy pill” which you would give to your cat before the appointment.

What methods of payment are accepted? Cash or check at the time of service.

How do I cancel or reschedule my appointment? To cancel or reschedule please give notice within 48 hours from your scheduled time. A $50 fee applies when less than 48 hrs notice is given. This is so that there is enough time to fill the spot with another cat who is waiting or needing to be groomed. There are usually cat owners wanting to have their cats groomed sooner but we need enough time to get in touch with them and make adjustments in the schedule if needed.

What happens if my cat hides or won’t allow you to groom it? There is a $40 minimum house call charge to cover travel and time if your cat isn’t accessible or cooperative.

I might need to crate or confine my cat to a room so can I expect you to be on time? Arrival times are estimated and given in a 1-2 hour range because it’s hard to calculate exactly how long a groom with take and what traffic conditions will be. So please be flexible and available if it’s sooner or later then the estimated arrival time. I will be in contact if the time changes as soon as I know usually by text message. If your cat needs to be confined or sedated please let me know and the first groom of the day is best so I can be more confident in an arrival time.

My cat is scared when people knock or ring the door bell could you call or text me when you arrive? Yes, please let me know in advance.

What times are best in order to reach you by phone? It is very hard to reach me by phone since I am in and out of grooming appointments and driving in-between. I’ve found that it’s usually hard to connect with messages left back and forth. Preferred method of communication is email and the only way to schedule a groom currently. Current customers please be aware that text messages may have to wait until I’m available and can be forgotten since they get mixed in with friends and family.

How much notice should I give you in order to schedule my cat’s next groom? Please schedule their next groom at the end of their service in order to ensure time on the schedule for your cat. Otherwise sometime 2-3 months notice is needed especially for a Saturday or in busy months.